The 4 Best Self Development Books to Make You a Better Person

Do you know how to improve yourself? Would you like to know? The best way to improving your self is by focusing on becoming the best version of yourself… and that’s an ongoing job.

One of the best ways to do so is by knowing the world around you and then, realizing your importance here.

The self improvement books provide you with an opportunity to do so. They shape the world around you, how you interact and then suggest ways to live your life.

The act of reading itself, by the way, not only helps you learn but also earn. It also improves your concentration and the power of the brain.

So, check these books for self development and see how to make your life better –

1. The Power of HabitThe Power of Habit

According to the author, Charles Duhigg – a New York Times reporter – habit is a science. And by incorporating it into your daily life, you can transform business and self.

He brought another level of understanding to human nature and how you can change them for better.

The book tells why habit exists, how it works and how you can change it. Charles brings together the scientific discoveries that explain the power and need of habit in our area of improvement.

2. How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleHow to Win Friends and Influence People

If you’re one of those who wants to learn how to work and communicate with people, this book is a must-read.

Having excellent communication skills is an absolute necessity, and for introverts, it is the single most important skill to work on. Yes, everyone can!

One of the best self improvement books, written by Dale Carnegie, it tries to improve one’s social and communication skills.

He explains the concepts well and those stories in there, will keep you engaged and make you sociably better for sure.

3. The Four AgreementsThe Four Agreements

This book by Don Miguel Ruiz brings out the beliefs which limit our power. The Four Agreements is written in a way that’s easy to read and follow.

It brings you a code of conduct which will change your life and bring you more joy than you ever experienced.

The author explains why you need those things in your life. And in a way, the book sets you free to enjoy a life full of happiness and love.

4. Rich Dad, Poor DadRich Dad, Poor Dad

Written by Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is one of the best books for self improvement. It brings you a collection of useful tips for effective handling of personal finances. Robert says that people who have less money, have less because they work for money.

The rich, on the other hand, make money work for them. So, if you think you need help with your finances, this database is a must for you.

Changes do not happen in a day. You need proper planning and determination. And these books sure would help. Do share with us what other self help books you found useful in shaping your life as it is.



6 Signs Your Relationship is on the Rocks

When you’re in a new relationship, everything looks to be on track. You tend to care for each other and ignore their faults because you don’t want to hurt their feelings.

But relationships are complicated, and we often overlook the signs of a toxic relationship. And at other times, it’s just that we don’t know that we are in an unhealthy relationship.

Here are some signs of an unhealthy relationship which you need to look for as early as possible.

1. You don’t get “ME” time

Relationships aren’t about being together wherever you go. And if you’re not getting a personal space, that’s not how to be in a relationship.

bad relationship with no timeIt’s about giving your partner the complete freedom to do what they want without you feeling the need to keep checking them.

When you’re in a bad relationship, you feel uncomfortable when taking decisions. Because of your partner controlling you, you don’t feel confident about yourself.

2. You feel the need to change yourself

The best relationships are the one where you know each other’s differences and yet co-exist. But, in toxic relationships, you keep feeling that your partner is not happy, and you need to change.

People do change when they’re in a relationship, but if they feel forced to do so, they need to change their partner.

3. You don’t make decisions togethersign of bad relationship

The healthiest relationships are those where you both give and take. No one thinks that they have got more power and thus, treat each other equally.

If you feel you don’t enjoy the same powers as your partner, you’re in a bad relationship. When you feel dominated or without any control, it’s time to schedule a talk with your partner. Yes, Schedule!

4. Your partner doesn’t respect you

Respect for each other is crucial in a relationship. Your partner never respects your opinions, makes you look stupid and always tries to put you down – these are all signs of a bad relationship.

They don’t brag about your achievements and keep your activities secret from others; they don’t respect you enough.

If you find your partner doesn’t have anything good to say about you, you need to consider your relationship status.

5. You are happier alone

Your body knows what you don’t. If it shows signs of discomfort or stress while your partner is around, you need to listen to it, to your body.

If you feel happy when your partner leaves for a trip, there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s one of the signs of being in an unhealthy relationship. Time to sort things out with your partner.

6. You think you’re in a bad relationshiptoxic relationship

And at last – but the most important – sign of a toxic relationship is when you start thinking if you’re already in one. If you spend time thinking about good times instead of looking forward to having one, it’s time to make a decision.

Bad relationships can affect every aspect of your lives, from friends to family. So, read the signs of toxic relationships and get over it as soon as you can.


5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool in Summer

If you’ve started craving for an iced beverage after work (or workout), summer is just around the corner. But remember that while you’re trying to keep yourself cool pets too are struggling to do the same.

When it’s summer, dogs do enjoy playing out in the sun, but like you, even they can get dehydrated and overheated.

Whether you take them for a walk or drive them into your car, you should take a little extra care and precautions. And here are some of the ways to have cool dogs and cats in summer –

Keeping Your Pet Cool in Summer

Avoid taking them out in peak hours

By the peak hours, I mean the happy hours for the sun, when it’s at its best distributing its heat. And it’s best to keep your pets in the shade in those times.

Also, limit the exercises when it’s hot and humid. And even if you’re doing it during the cool hours, summer isn’t good for a marathon.

Instead, take them on gentle walks early in the morning or the evening. And don’t forget taking water with you.

Grooming is necessary

Some pet owners trim the furs during summer, but it may result in overheating them and causing heatstroke. So, if you want to keep your pampered pets safe, groom them properly.

groom pet properlyThe dogs and cats need their furs to stay away from sunburns. But they also need them cut so that the skin can breathe.

Also, brushing your pets helps remove the loose furs and keep the coat healthy and comfortable.

Don’t leave them in the car

Even if you are going in the store for few minutes, don’t leave your cat panting in car. Cars can get quite hot in the direct sun, and your beloved pets may not be able to handle the rising temperature.

Even if you leave the windows open, the temperature can rise to 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit within minutes.

Such high temperatures can be life-threatening for them, and it’s best to leave them at home.

Keep them hydratedplenty of fresh water for pet

While dehydration in pets can be difficult to detect, sunken eyes and dry mouth are one of the many symptoms.

So, if you’re levelling up the water level of your body, do the same for your cats and dogs.

Ensure that they always have access to plenty of fresh water and shade. Tree shade is better than their doghouse. Also, add small cubes of ice to the water whenever possible.

Know the signs of heatstroke

High temperatures don’t go well for pets, and they may get heatstroke. Some of the symptoms are heavy panting, rapid heartbeats, troubled breathing, deep red tongue, dizziness and also, unconsciousness.

And when it happens, get them into the shade, apply ice packs to head, neck and chest and wrap them up in wet towels. Let them drink water in small amounts and then, take them to a vet.

Don’t take chances with the life of pets and visit a vet if they show signs of discomfort. They can’t tell you even if they aren’t feeling well.


Is There a Link Between Heart Health and Gut Health?

Our gut is a complex system, and it is responsible for controlling every aspect of our well-being. It consists of trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi, and this community is called the microbiome. They work together to digest the food and help fight any infection and the diseases.

Heart Health and Gut HealthThe gut bacteria line the intestines and are both good and bad. When there is a balance, your immune system works perfectly, and there also is a relationship between gut health and weight loss.

But that’s not all. A recent study also found a link between our heart health and the health of our gut.

Gut health and Heart diseases

Although heart diseases and gut health doesn’t seem related, turns out that the healthy bacteria in our intestines control heart health too. As per the recent studies, the inflammation in your guts affects the heart.

Inflammation can be because of various reasons like infections, allergies or stress, and when it happens, it travels through the blood vessels.

The inflammation can lead to damaging of cells and tissues, and when it reaches to the blood vessels of the heart, also causes artery hardening.

The inflammation can also be the reason for plaque build-up which results in situations like ACVD, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

When plaque (made up of fats, calcium and other food substances) starts accumulating in the arteries, they narrow down the passage. It affects the flow of blood and thus, chances of heart attack and stroke increase.

Another gut disease that affects our health is the leaky gut. It’s a situation when harmful endotoxins which were on the way to excretion get past the gut lining. They reach the blood vessels and are another cause of their inflammation.

How to improve Gut health?Probiotic Foods

A study by Ryan Durk of San Francisco State University also revealed that people with the highest cardiovascular fitness had a higher concentration of healthy bacteria. It suggests that exercise is a key to a healthy gut.

Another way to improve the health of the intestines is by taking probiotics. Probiotics are health supplements rich in bacteria, healthy bacteria.

Probiotics increase the concentration of healthy gut bacteria in the intestines and also aids in their growth. They affect the body’s ability to support bacterial growth, positively.

But along with probiotics, you also need plenty of heart health foods for a healthier gut.

Best foods for Gut health

The best foods for heart health and a healthy gut needs to contain probiotics. And some of the best sources of probiotics are fermented foods like tempeh (a soy product) and sauerkraut (fermented cabbage).

foods for Gut healthKimchi, Miso and Kefir are the few other widely available sources of probiotics. Moreover, you also have to eat fibre-rich foods that support digestion.

Broccoli and asparagus are some of the greens good for gut health. Bananas and apples also keep your gut healthy.

Scientists are working on more relationships between the person’s health and gut bacteria. It could help them diagnose the presence of certain diseases early and thus prevent them. But for now, best wishes for a healthy heart.


When is the Best Time of the Day To Exercise

How to lose weight? Ask this question to anyone and chances are they will tell you to exercise. Exercise is good for your health, no matter when you do.

But to get the best results and make your exercise and weight loss plan successful, you need a schedule.

For the majority, it’s morning when they find it the best time to exercise. They set up an early morning alarm and start working on their fitness while everyone is sleeping.

There are still others who aren’t comfortable getting up that early. But you can get yourself up and run, one of the best exercises for burning fat, even in the afternoon or the evening.

Best Time To Exercise

Exercising in the morning

The fitness experts recommend sweating out in the morning. One of the reasons is the peace, and another is the absence of a schedule.

You, probably, don’t have to attend meetings early morning, or do you? Well, it leaves you ample time to get started with your weight loss exercise plan and follow it regularly.

Also, ticking one thing off the daily to-do list may help you keep motivated and thus, productive during the day. But morning isn’t the best time for intense exercise.

Depending on your hormonal levels, you may end up feeling tired. An intense workout can use up the energy from muscles, resulting in a breakdown

Exercising in the afternoon

Research shows that the body gives the best performances in the afternoon. The body becomes active, is more strong and flexible

Exercise in the afternoon

for heavy exercise during the day.

Also, people agree that their body response is better in the afternoon and can thus, push it harder.
The body is better to adapt to intense sessions and thus, can handle repeated activity well. But that doesn’t mean workouts in the morning don’t work.

What I mean is you can do light cardio in the morning, but weight training gives better results in the afternoon or late evening.

Exercising in the night

There are yet another group of people, who love doing workouts before bedtime. If you’re short of time during the day, but still want to know how to lose fat, you can try exercise after work. It works just fine.

While some feel it may disturb their sleep, but others found that heavy exercises help them in sound sleep. Or you can go with light activities if you feel tired or worked out with the day’s work.

Time to Start

Not everyone is the same and what suits someone may not be the best for you. The best you can do is try and see what gets you the best results.

Try to exercise at different hours can keep track of the developments. You can also schedule different activities as per your need, say, jogging in the morning and intense workouts in the morning. And then, complement your weight loss plan with a balanced diet.

But remember one thing – No excuses.